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Learn It Online is an ACCA exam preparation course program, that includes prerecorded lectures and workshops, learning materials and 24/7 tutor support in online format. We are ACCA Aproved Learning Partner with GOLD status.

We focus on ACCA Qualification and are proud of delivering high quality service. Our key distinction from others is a focus on tutor cooperation: we do not just sell prerecorded videos, we provide high quality learning service, almost individual (due to little groups, usually less than 5 students) work with a tutor.

Since 2015 we have been offering online courses for Russian speaking students and are proud of the pass rate achieved by our students. Now we are launching our courses purely in English but adapted for foreign students.

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Learn It Online Advantages

Usual courses
Learn It Online
Video lectures with theory and analysis of typical problems, 60 academic hours, 1 year access
Live webinars, 8 academic hours
Lectures notes including all theory needed (in pdf slides)
Revision Kit (in pdf)
Hometask and tests
Tutor support 24/7 through group chat
Marking mock and individual feed back
Audio podcasts
Usual courses
Learn It Online
Video lectures with theory and analysis of typical problems, 60 academic hours, 1 year access
Live webinars, 8 academic hours
Lectures notes including all theory needed (in pdf slides)
Revision Kit (pdf)
Hometask and tests
Tutor support 24/7 through group chat
Marking mock and individual feed back
Audio podcasts
I've passed - this is the most important thing, and in the quantity I was rated by marker at 68 marks, where 50 is the merit to the tutor, and my 18 for the hard work :) Ruslan, thank you! Only with you I did understand the topic of derivatives.
Regina, F., Moscow
Thanks again for the quality training! Have prepared for AFM in a few weeks and passed the first time - that's all because I'd come to your course!
Maria T., Moscow
Many thanks for LACCA team! And many thanks to Ruslan Golovanov for understandable and competent webinars, thanks to which I prepare by myself in 2.5 weeks
Galina K., Moscow
A brief theory, many tasks, detailed solutions, answers to all questions. An individual approach, the ability to ask questions to the tutor, and answers to all questions. Time - on weekends - is optimal. Thank you very much!
Tatiana R., Novosibirsk
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What does each course consist of?
Take part in webinars and/or access to a pre-recorded course
Most programs provide access to a pre-recorded course immediately after payment. In addition, some courses involve active participation in live online lectures and workshops. You improve exam technique during live webinars as well as through preparing homework and self-study. Webinar record is available for further watch.
No need to buy textbooks
Training materials with the required theory to pass the exam are included in each course. Our course is self-sufficient, you don't need to buy any books. We try to make you spend as little time as possible therefore our course gives you the best tuition plan to pass exam with minimum effort. Our training materials are based on best practices.
Learning Interactive
Question practicing and examination skills developing. Comparing of your own solution with the model one, case studying, an opportunity of asking questions to the tutor, he will answer within 24 hours, usually within two
Preparation of MockExam
Each course includes at least one mock exam. Some courses include individual feedback and consultation with a tutor.
Brief instruction. How does it work?
Registration and payment
Register for the selected course and pay securely on the site. Payment means acceptance of the terms and conditions, a link to it is at the bottom of each page of the site. Most of our courses have a pre-recorded version. After payment on the website for any training format within 10 minutes, an invitation email will be sent to the chosen course, if there is one. And if it is the first time, then the registration on our training platform will be needed. In order to access the materials of the course you have to be logged in. Login is your mail, you need to create a password yourself and, importantly, remember it!
Online platform interactions
After registration, you will be redirected to the Home page, which displays the available courses. We recommend taking the pre-recorded course from the beginning to the end, confirming the completion of each module to update the progress. At the end of the course, a certificate of the course completion will be available. In addition to the specified way of communication, you can always get support by posting a comment on any training module, the tutor will respond within 48 hours. You can learn online from any device.
Pre-recorded course
At the beginning of each pre-recorded course, its structure, training procedure, features, for example, testing or mock exam specificity are published. Each course has all the necessary materials for training in electronic format and available for download. It is convenient to print out the theory kit and work with it as a student book. Revision Kit depends on a paper. Anyway, as you progress through the course, we recommend you to solve the tasks, not just to look through how tutor does it. From this moment, you are ready to start self-study!
Webinar Invitation
If your course includes online webinars, a week before the start of the course you will receive an email specifying the schedule and invitations to the next webinars. If this is your first course, we recommend you to connect the platform for the first time 15 minutes in advance to install all needed plugins and software. For technical issues, please contact You can take part from any device: computer, tablet, phone. Internet connection stability is crucial. But we recommend taking part in live classes in a comfortable, quiet place with a workbook and a device with a wide diagonal.
Live Webinars
Usually courses are taught from 9-30 till 17-00 (GMT+3) with three breaks. But, please, chek your exact schedule in advance. During the webinar, you will become familiar with all the needed theory and models how to approach questions. The webinar recording usually becomes available in 24 hours after an online webinar, it is added to the current online course or added to a new online course, where the records of the past webinars are collected.
Self-study and Mock
As you get more familiar, you will develop a skill for solving problems, and also read a relevant theory. You can learn at a convenient pace, focusing on the materials and tasks of the pre-recorded course. All arising questions are addressed to the tutor by email or via chat, depending on the chosen course. At the end of the course you will attempt a mock exam and, if it is included in the course, get an individual consultation with an emphasis on what you need to focus on in the remaining time. Our aim is to bring you to the peak of your form by the exam day!
If the teaching style does not suit you, you can withdraw from the course and return yur money back within 7 days after the course purchase.

Full terms please find in
Terms and Conditions
Articles and Preparation Materials

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At the end of 2017, the number of ACCA members reached 200,000, doubling in less than 13 years (a very nice video about this). Thus, ACCA has confirmed the status of the fastest growing professional qualification. Over the course of more than a century of history, ACCA has established its global leadership and professional recognition. If you set the highest goals, try to systematically and thoroughly understand complex professional issues and are ready to move up the career ladder to the very top, then ACCA is your qualification! Dare, everything works out!
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Can I take part in your program from my region? Is payment processed available?
You can become a student of Learn It Online and prepare for exams from anywhere in the world. Even from Midland China there is an access to our learning platform. Just for live sessions, the main thing is that your time zone is close to Moscow time (MSK GMT +3), because webinars are usually held in the daytime in Moscow. But it may depend on the group. It is also possible to pay the cost of training by card in any currency: the equivalent of the cost of training in the card currency will be charged from the card. If you have any difficulties with payment, it is possible to get currency details for payment, for this or to ask any other question you need to contact
Is it obligatory to take part in live webinars? Can I prepare just using video lectures?
If your program includes live webinars we are confident in the need for live participation in the webinar. It is this type of training that gives maximum effectiveness of training: you have the opportunity to ask again and clarify. Recording is needed for repetition and better memorization of material. However, you may not attend live webinars and watch recordings, but the effectiveness of the training may decrease. Anyway, cooperation with tutor is a vital part of a successful preparation: it also includes asking tutor in live chat or other way and receive individual feedback. All this helps a student to dive into the learning environment and prepare effectively.
It bothers me that after finishing the course I will not have textbook
In our opinion, the value of the textbook is that it helps to pass the exam, for this it must be complete, comprehensive and up-to-date. Our study materials are regularly updated and always up-to-date, you have 12-months-access to them. On the other hand, the syllabus is built on the selected areas from classical textbooks, which are reprinted almost unchanged. They can be ordered on Amazon or bought elsewhere to have at hand for work. What kind of books are these? Here is a list of recommended literature that goes with every ACCA paper. If you cannot find it, please, write us, we will help you.
Is it possible to arrange an agreement for exam preparation on behalf of a company, legal entity?
Yes, of course, the current terms and conditions involves the provision of services to legal entities. If necessary, it is possible to arrange a separate agreement with legal entities, to do it, please, ask
Will you give me a Certificate at the end of the training course?
Examinations as well as ACCA qualification decisions are made by ACCA. Learn It Online is preparing for these exams. Therefore, certificates and diplomas for exams and qualifications are issued by ACCA. We can give a certificate confirming the completion of the preparation for a specific exam.
I doubt that my English skills are sufficient for learning
Our courses involve preparing for exams to receive ACCA Qualification, since the exams themselves are conducted in English, then the key knowledge and skills that students will receive will be given in English. We have adapted our materials for non-native English speakers: trying to speak clearly and provide subtitles to video. You can read lectures like as a textbook. If you are not confident in your English language skills, then you can check it at

We also develop specific courses, for instance for Russian speaking students. To receive more information, please, ask a question by email
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Write us. We will be glad to answer them.
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